Epstein accuser claims Bill Clinton was on Epstein’s private island

The links between Bill Clinton and now-deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein are becoming clearer.

Though the former president has said that he has never been to Epstein’s private island, Virginia Giuffre — who says she was victimized by Epstein — claims that she personally saw Bill Clinton on the island, according to a report from The Sun.

Big trouble for Bill

This new report is troublesome for Clinton on many different levels. First, Bill Clinton has maintained that he only had a very casual and short-lived relationship with Epstein.

Clinton has also said he’s never been to Epstein’s private island, which is where many of these underage girls were reportedly exploited. But Giuffre’s report blows that claim right out of the water.

So far, officials are reportedly not even investigating Bill Clinton in relation to Epstein’s illegal activity, but that could change rather quickly depending upon what turns up in the investigation.

Also, keep in mind that Ghislaine Maxwell is not yet in custody.

Maxwell allegedly served as a recruiter and “madame” for Epstein.

If she is apprehended, there is little doubt she will start singing in order to get a lighter sentence.

Still a mystery

Conspiracy theorists have already added Epstein’s name to the so-called “Arkancide” list — a group of individuals believed to have had dirt on the Clintons who met an early demise, usually under very suspicious circumstances.

In the case of Epstein, there were numerous irregularities in the sudden death that have left investigators scratching their collective heads. Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Why were the guards not doing their usual 30-minute rounds?

Why was surveillance not set up for such a high-profile prisoner? Why was Epstein’s cellmate suddenly transferred out of the cell only hours before Epstein allegedly killed himself?

Until these questions are answered definitively, Epstein will remain on the “Arkancide” list in the eyes of conspiracy theorists. Bill Clinton may not be an official suspect, but when it comes to Epstein, he’s not off the hook.

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