Epstein accuser hopes 2020 is remembered as ‘the year we took down the 1%’

One of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s victims came forward with a proposition that has liberal elites on edge: 2020 will be the year that those who protected the billionaire sex predator will be taken down.

Bill and Hillary Clinton had an uncomfortably close relationship with Epstein, and that connection is surely making Democrats squirm.

Take down those “above the law”

According to the Daily Mail, Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre tweeted on New Year’s Eve: “Happy New Year to all the people in the world who want to see a change!! Let’s make 2020 a year to be remembered in history as the year we took down the 1% who thought they were above the law!!”

Giuffre has claimed that the now-deceased Epstein unlawfully trafficked her and subsequently forced her to have sex with his powerful friends when she was just 17, according to CBS News.

Those powerful friends allegedly included British Prince Andrew, who has so far vehemently denied the accusations. The royal has since been forced to resign from his official duties as a highly publicized television interview exposed serious inconsistencies in his story.

For years, Epstein and his cohorts escaped punishment, presumably because of their wealth and power. But if Giuffre is correct, this year could be the end of that.

Epstein and his friends were allowed to do as they pleased because of a political class unwilling to pursue justice.

The convicted pedophile’s close connections with the Clintons and other rich and powerful people seemingly made him untouchable — until he wasn’t. Now, the house of cards is tumbling down, and investigators can finally get to the bottom of the corruption.

Kid-glove treatment

When Epstein was finally apprehended in 2008 after years of abusing young girls, the system failed his accusers and still let him off easy, Fox News noted.

The #MeToo era was still nearly a decade away, and Epstein was invincible in spite of the allegations of horrific crimes. Even now, Epstein’s friends have been able to escape justice thanks to the multimillionaire’s alleged in prison and the distraction that the impeachment fiasco provides.

However, as more facts come out regarding Epstein’s dealings, the kid-glove treatment of rich elites is over. 2020 will be a year in which real work is done to drain the swamp that has drowned not only our political system but also our society at large.

Dozens of girls have come forward with accusations of rape and abuse by Epstein and his friends. Hopefully, Giuffre is right when she says this will be the year those who think they are above the law are finally brought to justice.

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