Chicago Tribune columnist says ‘enthusiasm’ for Bolton testimony has faded

After sitting on the supposedly “urgent” articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for nearly a month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) finally signaled on Friday that she may soon transmit those articles to the Senate for trial.

Concurrent with that news was the revelation that former National Security Adviser John Bolton would be willing to testify in a trial if subpoenaed by the Senate, something Pelosi and many Democrats have been demanding for some time. But thanks to Pelosi’s interminable delay — and the fact that the presidential primary has now taken center stage in the minds of most people — it looks like the American public has lost interest in hearing from Bolton.

The impeachment trial

Such was the analysis provided by Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page. According to Breitbart, he spoke on “The McLaughlin Group” on Friday during a panel segment dealing with the latest news in the impeachment saga.

The discussion was centered around the pros and cons — and potential fallout — of how Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have handled the delay in beginning the impeachment trial, as well as the news that Bolton could testify about his knowledge of President Trump’s alleged improprieties in dealing with Ukraine.

Those on the left who’ve been hyped to hear what Bolton has to say, however, were probably let down quite a bit by Page’s assessment of the situation — namely, that it would have little impact. Most people, he says, have moved on from that particular aspect of the overarching storyline and are “looking ahead” to the impending primary elections.

Does anybody still care?

“I’ve seen enthusiasm for hearing Bolton’s testimony kind of fade as days go by,” Page said, according to Breitbart. “Because — and this is kind of a repeat of what we’ve seen before, with the Mueller report, and other investigations that have gone on, that they haven’t resulted in that big jackpot that one side or the other was hoping for.

“And so now people are really looking ahead to Iowa and the primaries,” he added. “As I said, this is a political process here that we have with impeachment.”

Another member of the panel, author and columnist Pat Buchanan, went further, suggesting that those on the left who hope that Bolton would “drop a dime” on Trump and contribute to his removal from office would find themselves to be “terribly mistaken” if Bolton actually testified.

Take a look at the full discussion:

Will it matter?

It still remains to be seen if Bolton will even be summoned by the Senate to testify in an impeachment trial — much less what he’ll actually say, or even if he’ll be allowed to say anything at all. (President Trump and his lawyers may attempt to exert executive privilege over Bolton’s testimony.) Furthermore, as Buchanan asserted, it is unlikely that Bolton is going to roll on the president, leaving the usefulness of his testimony in question.

It looks like Dems have come up short in this impeachment charade. It’s time to put it to rest for good.

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