Enraged driver allegedly shoots woman and her children, killing 13-year-old boy

No matter how much good news we see, stories like this are absolutely heartbreaking.

Jeremy Webster, 23, was arrested after allegedly shooting a woman and her three children, killing a 13-year-old boy in what appears to be a case of road rage.

Road Rage

Sadly, this entire incident was witnessed by the brother of the slain boy.

The 12-year-old brother stated that his mother and another man were caught up “in some type of road rage incident.”

According to the report, after the initial incident happened, the man followed their car into a mall parking lot.

According to witness accounts, he parked his car behind the woman, got out, then opened up fire on them.

The man ended up wounding the mother and the youngest boy, as well as a bystander.

But one of the bullets struck and killed the boy’s oldest brother.

The Shooter

The man who did the shooting, Jeremy Webster, did not even try to cover up his crimes when police arrested him.

He immediately admitted that he had opened up fire on several people at the mall parking lot.

Then he dropped the bomb on police by stating he had mental issues.

That sounds a lot like someone that did something horrific and already has a plan in place to try to get away with it.

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Webster is now facing first-degree murder charges as well as first-degree assault and attempted felony.

He is being held without bail and his first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

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