Embattled Rochester mayor and her husband indicted on new charges

The mayor of Rochester, New York, and her husband, appear to be in serious legal trouble following indictments on new charges stemming from a recent police raid on their home.

According to The Blaze, Mayor Lovely Warren and her husband, Timothy Granison, both face felony-level firearms charges and misdemeanor-level child endangerment charges after police discovered several firearms in the home where their 10-year-old child was found alone. 

The indictments on the aforementioned charges are in addition to three drug and firearm-related charges that Granison was hit with earlier this year, the Associated Press noted.

What exactly happened?

It was in May that law enforcement officials with the New York State Police obtained a warrant to search Warren’s residence, which was sparked by Granison’s suspected involvement in drug-related criminal activity.

During the raid, police officers not only found that the couple’s 10-year-old daughter was home alone, District Attorney Sandra Doorley said, but they also found a rifle and a pistol in the couple’s home. The discoveries led to additional, serious charges against the two.

The two are set to appear for an arraignment soon in front of a Cayuga County judge in Monroe County.

Troubled legal past

While Granison has already faced multiple cocaine-related drug charges, Warren also has a history of legal trouble. Late last year, the Rochester mayor was indicted on two felony-level campaign finance charges, stemming from illegal activities during her 2017 campaign.

She was charged at the time with “first-degree scheme to defraud,” and another charge for “an election law offense for illegally coordinating activities and expenditures,” The Blaze noted. She would later go on to say that the charges were related to “honest mistakes.”

Granison’s attorney responds

As far as Granison’s continued legal trouble and the latest charges he now faces, his attorney, John DeMarco, told reporters: “We will enter a plea of not guilty.”

“The district attorney’s office, hopefully, will provide us all of the investigatory reports, search warrants, photographs, everything that the police put together for their office to present the case and will evaluate what our strategy at that time,” DeMarco added.

Granison and his attorney entered not guilty pleas for his previous charges as well.

Only time will tell what the couple’s future holds, but at this point, it sounds like at the very least, Warren’s career in politics has come to a grinding halt.

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