Embattled GOP Rep. Santos is facing sexual harassment complaint

U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has now been accused of sexual harassment, the Washington Examiner reports

The accusation, according to the outlet, comes from 30-year-old Derek Myers. Myers has filed two reports against Santos: one with the U.S. Capitol Police and another with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Myers posted the report that he sent to the Congressional Ethics Committee on his Twitter page. He included a caption, which reads:

These matters will not be litigated on social media or through news media. They are serious offenses and the evidence and facts will speak for themselves if the committee takes up the matter. This tweet is being made public in light of transparency.

Setting the scene

Myers details the alleged sexual harassment in his letter to the Ethics Committee. It occurred during his second day of work – on Wednesday, January 25 – when both he and Santos were reviewing mail from constituents.

According to Myers, earlier in the day, Santos had asked him if he had a “Grindr” profile – referring to the LGBTQ+ social networking app. Santos indicated to Myers that he did have such a profile.

Myers goes on to write that, while reviewing the mail in Santos’s “personal office,” Santos called him “buddy” and the congressman “insisted” that Myers sit next to him “on a small sofa.”

This, according to Myers, is when Santos got physical.

“My husband is out of town tonight . . .”

Myers writes:

I proceeded to move forward with the discussion about the mail, but the Congressman stopped me by placing his hand on my left leg, near my kneee and saying, “Hey, buddy, we’re going to karaoke tonight. Would you like to go?”

According to Myers, he turned Santos’s offer down, and, in response, Myers says that “the Congressman proceeded to take his hand and move it down my leg into my inner thigh and proceeded to touch my groin.”

Myers continues:

[Santos] proceeded to look at me and say, “My husband is out of town tonight if you want to come over” and went on to tell me where the Congressman lived.

Myers says that he ended the incident by “quickly push[ing] the Congressman’s hand away.” He says that he “grabbed mail from the table and proceed to discuss the topic of constituent correspondence” before leaving the office.

There’s more

In addition to the sexual harassment allegation, Myers also alleges that Santos treated him unethically by allowing him to work as a volunteer for several days with the “promise of future employment.”

On Feb. 1, Myers says that Santos rescinded the job offer.

At the time of this writing, Santos has not responded to the allegations.

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