Embarrassing photo of Hillary Clinton is spreading

A quick look at Hillary Clinton these days and it is very obvious all is not right.

A recent picture of Clinton during an appearance hints her health problems could be more serious than first anticipated.

Rumors Flying

Going all the way back to the presidential election, there have been serious health concerns about Hillary Clinton.

During one event, she passed out on her way to her vehicle.

And everyone started to notice when the former first lady wore heavy coats and scarves while making appearances in warm weather.

Close-ups of Clinton have even hinted that she was more than likely wearing some type of brace for her back.

Those rumors got worse after the election as the trend continued.

Regardless of the time of year, Clinton always seems to be buttoned up with a scarf, hiding something.

Double Meaning

The tweet sent out by Posobiec appears to have a dual purpose.

The quote he uses seems to be loosely based on something Trump said during the election.

While campaigning, Trump stated, “I alone can fix America.”

His version of the quote along with that picture would hint that not only is Clinton apparently hiding something regarding her health, but Trump delivered on his promise in saving us from her.

One can only imagine the horrors that would be happening in this country if she had been elected.

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A market crash was all but assured, there would have been no tax break (in fact, taxes would have gone up significantly), and our borders would look like Swiss cheese right now.

Thank God the voters got it right!

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