‘Embarrassing’: Columnist rips Biden chief of staff for ‘absurd’ tweets

The Washington Examiner’s Brad Polumbo humiliated President Joe Biden’s chief of staff in a scathing column Saturday that excoriated Ron Klain for “the absurd things he’s posting on Twitter.”

Klain apparently has quite a sizable following of around half a million on Twitter, and he tweets incessantly as essentially a one-man propaganda machine for the Biden administration.

But as Polumbo points out, it’s gotten to the point that Klain is “now just making embarrassing public statements on the regular.”

Exhibit A

One of his more ridiculous messages came Friday, the same day that the Labor Department released its jobs report for the month of November.

That report came up hundreds of thousands of jobs short of expectations. But Klain and others in the Biden administration have been trying their darnedest to paint it as a success.

Klain, for his part, put out a tweet that read, “America is back at work.” Attached to his tweet, according to Polumbo, was an image of a graph showing the “labor force participation rate,” which the top Biden staffer ostensibly meant to show as evidence that the percentage of people working or seeking work here in America has returned to normal — or pre-pandemic levels. But that’s far from the case.

The U.S. is actually sitting some 8.2 million jobs below pre-pandemic levels, Polumbo said, citing economist Aaron Sojourner.

Exhibit B

Worse still was a tweet from Klain that came last Wednesday. Biden’s chief of staff wrote: “Stronger COVID measures produce STRONGER ECONOMIC outcomes. That’s why jobs, growth, and economic activity are UP this year, significantly over last year.”

As Polumbo put it:

Are we really supposed to believe that outlawing people’s livelihoods and restricting businesses’ ability to operate is good for the economy?

Such a far-fetched notion is contradicted by both common sense and most available data.

It’d be hard to make these claims without experiencing a serious break from reality. But it was just another day at the office for Biden’s chief of staff.

“All in all, it’s hard to see what, if any, good is coming from Klain’s Twitter use,” Polumbo concluded in his column from the Examiner.

“He should do his boss — and America — a favor,” the columnist added, “and log off for a while.”

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