Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will not run for reelection

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stunned his supporters on Tuesday.

The oft-criticized mayor of Chicago announced he will NOT be running for re-election.

Good Riddance

Rahm Emanuel has been an absolute disaster for the city of Chicago.

It seems as though the city is in the headlines nearly every day for massive gun violence.

Keep in mind, this is a state with strict gun control laws, something the Dems claim will fix everything.

Emanuel has failed to deliver on any of the promises he made to Chicagoans.

In addition to reducing crime and gun violence, he was supposed to have improved its failing school system.

That has also been an epic failure.

False Praise

After the announcement, some very high-profile Dems heaped praise on the failed mayor.

Included in that group was none other than former president Barack Obama.

Obama touted Emanuel’s record on education, even though as we said, the numbers tell a different story.

Obama stated, “Chicago is better and stronger for his leadership, and I was a better President for his wise counsel at a particularly perilous time for our country.”

It would be nice for Obama to actually clarify just how Chicago is “better and stronger.”

Present and Future

The criticism brought on by the violence in Chicago has brought an onslaught of challengers wanting Emanuel’s seat.

Even though he has already raised a reported $10 million for his re-election, Emanuel apparently saw the writing on the wall.

Now that he is officially not running for office, could Emanuel be making plans for a higher office?

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After all, Dems have been tossing his name around for the last two years as a possible candidate for the 2020 election.

Seeing what he did in Chicago, imagine how disastrous it would be if he got his hands on the entire country!

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