Email shows IRS official tipped off by CNN producer about Hunter Biden's expectation that investigation would 'go away' once Joe Biden became president

September 28, 2023
Ben Marquis

Hunter Biden has been the subject of a federal investigation for an assortment of alleged crimes for several years now, dating back to at least midway through the Trump administration.

Now a 2021 email in relation to that investigation has been released which includes an allegation that Hunter had "expected" the ongoing criminal investigation to "go away" once his father, Joe Biden, had become the president, according to the Daily Caller.

Unfortunately for the president's son, that investigation did not end after his father took office, and he currently faces three felony gun charges and could also soon face additional federal charges for alleged tax crimes, among other things.

Hunter's expectations of preferential treatment shared in tip from CNN producer

On Wednesday, the House Ways and Means Committee announced the release of several never-before-seen documents obtained from IRS whistleblowers who had been involved in the federal investigation of Hunter Biden that bolstered their prior sworn testimony about senior Justice Department officials interfering in the probe to block consequential investigative actions, squash anything potentially related to President Biden, and grant preferential treatment to the president's son.

Included in that release was a chain of emails in Sept. 2021 involving one of the whistleblowers, Joseph Ziegler, and others who sought to internally confirm a media tip about a possible plea deal offered to Hunter by the DOJ.

That email chain was started by IRS Office of Communications Director Justin T. Cole, who shared with two of his superiors information he had received from an unnamed CNN producer about the ongoing Hunter Biden probe, which had been codenamed as "Sportsman."

Cole's message stated, "Producer has an email from Hunter saying he expected all of this 'stuff' to go away when his dad becomes President."

The CNN producer also allegedly shared with Cole that they had spoken with a witness who had been interviewed by both the IRS and FBI in relation to the Biden investigation and believed they were "wrapping things up" and attempting to "put a bow on" the probe. The producer also allegedly asserted that they had learned of a plea deal that had been offered to but rejected by Hunter Biden.

Evidence of Hunter's influence-peddling, DOJ interference in probe

In addition to that email which appears to reveal Hunter Biden's alleged expectation that the investigation into him would end once his father took office as president, the Ways and Means Committee also released documents that appear to confirm that Hunter was selling international influence and access to his father as well as that senior DOJ officials acted to block any investigative actions that might lead to President Biden.

The first of those documents was a 2017 message obtained from Hunter's iCloud account that was addressed to "James" -- whether his uncle or another business associate is unclear -- in which Hunter angrily argued against bringing in another associate who might disrupt or take over his efforts to peddle and profit from the "family's brand" and "only asset," Joe Biden.

Also released by the committee was an Aug. 2020 email from then-Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesly Wolf to investigators which demanded that they remove any and all references to "Political Figure 1" -- identified separately as Joe Biden -- from a search warrant application in relation to alleged Foreign Agent Registration Act violations.

There was also a handwritten note from a May 2021 meeting in which investigators had sought to expand the probe to include alleged "campaign finance criminal violations" involving wealthy Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris -- who paid off Hunter's outstanding debt owed to the IRS -- but were denied permission to do so by a senior DOJ official because she was not "personally interested" in pursuing such an allegation.

More evidence of DOJ efforts to cover up Biden's influence-peddling

As part of a broader statement about the newly released documents, Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith (R-MO) said, "The growing body of evidence further calls into question the Justice Department’s attempted sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden, and the reasons for appointing the architect of that plea deal as the special counsel for Hunter Biden’s case, in light of officials’ efforts to protect President Biden and his son."

"This evidence makes clear Hunter Biden’s business was selling the Biden 'brand' and that access to the White House was his family’s most valuable asset -- despite official claims otherwise," the Republican chairman added. "The Committee continues to take the appropriate steps in this investigation and documents were shared with Committee Democrats before today’s executive session. We have promised to go where the facts lead us and that is exactly what we will do to get answers for the American people."

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