Elon Musk provides hot take on Brittney Griner saga

Elon Musk just made an appearance on the Full Send podcast where he weighed in on President Joe Biden’s attempt to free WNBA player Brittney Griner from a Russian prison. Suffice it to say that Biden isn’t going to be too happy with Musk’s opinion on this one.

That’s because, according to the New York Post, Musk just exposed a glaring double standard between Biden’s approach to the Griner situation and Biden’s approach to the same situation that is taking place here in America. 


In case you missed it, Griner managed to get herself locked away in a Russian prison after being caught, in February, with cannabis oil at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.

Russia charged Griner with cannabis possession and drug smuggling. After admitting to what she had done, Griner was sentenced to nine years in prison. She was also hit with, roughly, a $16,000 fine.

The position of the Biden White House – despite the fact that Griner admitted to breaking Russian law – is that Griner is being wrongfully detained. Accordingly, the Biden administration has been working hard to free Griner.

The Biden administration appears to have floated the possibility of trading Griner for Victor Grout, the notorious arms dealer known as the “Merchant of Death.”

Russia’s take on the proposal, though, has yet to be reported.

The double standard

During his appearance on the Full Send podcast, Musk highlighted the fact that people in America are locked up for the same reason that Griner is locked up in Russia, yet Biden isn’t bending over backward to free them.

“If the president is working so hard to free someone who is in jail in Russia for some weed, shouldn’t we free people in America?” Musk asked.

“There are people in jail in America for the same stuff,” Musk continued. “Shouldn’t we free them too?”

Musk added, “My opinion is that people should not be in jail for non-violent drug crimes.”

There is little doubt that Biden would likely have preferred it if Musk would have kept this opinion to himself. We’ll see if Biden is now pressed on this double standard, and, if so, what his reply is.

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