Court rules on Keith Ellison’s divorce records

Minnesota Attorney General hopeful and current Rep. Keith Ellison (D) has found himself in a very precarious situation.

With numerous allegations of abuse already against him, a county court has ordered Ellison’s divorce records to be unsealed.

What’s Good for the Goose

Ellison finds himself fighting off allegations much in the same way Brett Kavanaugh did, but there is a major difference in this case: Ellison’s former partner Karen Monahan actually has proof that the abuse happened.

Monahan reportedly has a video and pictures of the abuse that allegedly occurred at the hands of the Democrat.

The allegations took on a life of their own earlier this year when her son sent out some social media posts saying he had seen the proof and wanted Ellison brought to justice.

Ms. Monahan did not deny the allegations made by her son and even produced some hospital records to back up the claim.

But Monahan has refused to release the video so far, stating it is too traumatic for her.

Unsealing the Divorce

The reason for the unsealing of Ellison’s divorce records is quite simple: with multiple allegations now being made against Ellison, the courts want to see if there were allegations of abuse during his marriage.

Of course, both Ellison and his former wife are against the records being unsealed.

According to Ellison, this is an invasion of his privacy as well as that of his children and his former wife.

But it’s interesting that he did not voice those same objections when Brett Kavanaugh’s life was being ripped apart.

Again, the difference here is there is actually proof against Ellison, whereas there was none against Kavanaugh.

Ellison was once a shining star in the Democratic Party, with some even calling for him to run for president in 2020.

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Now, it appears as though he will be lucky to make it to state attorney general.

Numerous women’s groups have already come out against him.

Looks like that once bright star is now barely visible.

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