Ellen Degeneres revealed as source of elaborate Barron Trump baby gift: Report

Oh, how quickly liberals turn on their own.

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is now in more hot water with her fellow liberals over an elaborate stroller she gifted to the Trumps after their son Barron was born.

It Was Just a Football Game

A few weeks ago, Ellen DeGeneres took in a football game at Cowboys Stadium with former President George W. Bush, who is a huge sports fan and is often seen at Cowboys, Rangers, and Stars games.

Yes, that’s right. DeGeneres, even though she is a liberal, thinks it is OK to have friends who are conservatives.

Well, her fans did not agree. Liberals absolutely shredded DeGeneres over her relationship with Bush after the shot of them together was shown on TV during the game.

It got so bad for DeGeneres, she actually felt the need to explain herself to her viewers, as there were significant calls to boycott her show because she was a “traitor.”

Turning on Their Own

The party of tolerance once again showed its true colors by digging up a 2006 article that appeared in People magazine.

In the article, numerous pictures of the Trumps with baby Barron were published, including one of Melania pushing a gold stroller with a chandelier attached as a mobile. The stroller seems a bit over the top, but as it turns out, the Trumps were not the ones who purchased it.

Thanks to liberal trolls, we now know the stroller was purchased by none other than Ellen DeGeneres. Over the last couple of days, reports have shown up in numerous liberal publications shredding DeGeneres for the elaborate gift that is probably now packed away in storage someplace, never to be seen again.

People are wondering how much good the cost of that stroller could have done for the homeless or the LGBT community. That is all it takes, patriots, to be outed by liberals these days.

DeGeneres has always been a staunch liberal and strong critic of Donald Trump since he won the election, but the fact that she sat down with Bush and bought a gift for the Trumps years ago is enough for her to be ostracized by her very own community.

This is the party of tolerance. You just have to love the hypocrisy.

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