Under Elizabeth Warren’s administration, ‘we won’t be building new nuclear plants’

Elizabeth Warren’s radical policies will hurt the majority of Americans. To make things worse, she now wants to bring an end to a huge source of American energy.

Warren has announced that she opposes nuclear power, according to The Washington Examiner.

If she becomes president, “we won’t be building new nuclear plants,” she says.

Weaning ourselves off nuclear

Nuclear power plants currently account for about 20% of American power, according to government data. Getting rid of it would translate to job losses for thousands and huge increases in utility bills for numerous Americans.

But at a climate change town hall for CNN, that’s exactly what Warren said she wants to do.

“We will start weaning ourselves off nuclear and replace it with renewables,” Warren asserted. Her goal is for the U.S. be fully reliant on renewable energy sources by 2035.

But what Warren misses is that nuclear energy is effective and has zero emissions. We could power 100% of the U.S. off of nuclear power.

Windfarms and solar farms, on the other hand, will cost a huge amount of money — and they’ll only provide unreliable power.

Radical energy ideas

Warren’s ideas are bad enough, but worse, they are shared by other Democrats. Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) wants to phase out nuclear energy, as well, according to Grist.

But despite the Democrat crusade against fossil fuels, nuclear energy is the future.

Windmills and solar panels will not power the United States. We need more nuclear energy to phase out the undeniably dirty fossil fuels, but also so we aren’t hamstrung by expensive and inefficient renewables like solar.

We need a president who has a true, effective vision — and Warren isn’t it.

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