Elizabeth Warren caught deleting DNA test results from website

Elizabeth Warren, like most politicians, won’t own her mistakes. Nor will she own up when caught red-handed in a lie. Instead of ever acknowledging wrongdoing, she is hoping people will forget.

After taking advantage of her claimed Native American status for decades, the Massachusetts senator has removed her DNA test results from her website in an apparent effort to pretend that the whole fiasco never happened. 

Sweeping It Under the Rug

Her campaign website previously featured DNA results that showed her being 1/64 to 1/1024th Native American.

This DNA test was touted as her proof that she was Native American. She had claimed that her Native American ancestry was part of her family lore.

Obviously, this DNA test didn’t satisfy anyone, including Native Americans. Cherokee tribal leaders repeatedly made it clear that Warren was doing real harm to them. Being considered Native American is determined by tribal nations, not by DNA tests.

Warren had been claiming Native American heritage to advance herself. In 1986 when applying for admission to the State Bar of Texas, she claimed Native American ancestry. Obviously, she believed that claiming minority status would serve as a professional advantage to her.

Someone willing to lie and game the system shouldn’t be trusted. Warren wants to be president, but has demonstrated she has no problem lying to get ahead.

Torpedoing Her Campaign

Not everyone is ignoring her lies of course. In fact, someone directly called on Warren to explain herself at a town hall.

A New Hampshire woman asked Warren, “How do you overcome the bridge with voters like me who like you, who like your plans, who like what you have to say but I have concerns about your honesty?”

Warren, instead of being honest, made excuses and obfuscated away from the question.

Anyone who is thinking of supporting her will have to answer the question of whether they are content with voting for someone who does not value honesty. Of course, there is always Bernie Sanders, who has the same ideas. But he is also the one who rails against capitalism while owning multiple houses and living like the 1%.

Dishonesty and lying are rife with the Democrats. Even when caught in their lies, they still refuse to acknowledge them.

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