Palm Beach elections supervisor accepts ‘full responsibility’ for mistakes that led to missed recount deadline

In the days after midterms, there were all sorts of shady goings-on related to the counting of votes in Florida — particularly in predominately Democrat counties like Broward and Palm Beach — including missed reporting deadlines, boxes of ballots “found” days later, and displays of sheer incompetence (or blatant malfeasance) by elections officials.

All of that led to a machine recount of votes to determine the winners of the U.S. Senate and Florida governor’s races, both of which were supposed to have been completed by Thursday afternoon — but that was yet another deadline that Palm Beach election officials seemed incapable of meeting. And now, the county’s elections supervisor is taking responsibility for it.

The Daily Caller reported that Palm Beach officials had initially indicated that they would be able to meet the deadline to submit the results of the recount, only to suddenly announce on Thursday that they’d be unable to do so as they had “lost” a “substantial” number of ballots since their initial vote counts.

“Missing” votes during recount

That news was broken on Twitter by New York Times reporter Frances Robles, who later explained that the missing ballots weren’t “lost” in the sense that they had disappeared from the vote-counting site, but merely that boxes of ballots had apparently been mixed up and whole precincts had come up “missing” as officials attempted to determine which boxes had been counted and which ones had not.

Robles tweeted:

“Full responsibility”

Later, Robles tweeted again to share that the individual in charge of the three-ring circus — Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher — had accepted “full responsibility” for the mistake that would likely prevent them from submitting recount totals ahead of the afternoon deadline.

But we can only wonder if Bucher is only accepting “full responsibility” for this latest mishap, or if she is willing to accept “full responsibility” for the entire charade that has been the post-election activities in that county.

That would include missing the Election Day deadline to report early-vote and vote-by-mail ballot totals, failing to make timely reports of running totals in the days after the election, the “discovery” of boxes of ballots that inordinately aided the Democrat candidates, the failure to report unofficial vote totals on the Saturday after the election, and having to restart a delayed machine recount effort long after it was supposed to have begun due to voting machines “overheating,” a problem no other counties reported having.

If all of that sounds just a little bit fishy to you, you are most certainly not alone in casting a wary eye at what has transpired in Palm Beach County in the wake of the midterm elections.

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Whether all of these mishaps and mistakes were the result of pure incompetence or ham-handed attempts to shape a favorable electoral outcome for Democrats remains to be seen, but one that is clear is that Bucher does indeed bear responsibility for all of it.

She should be held fully accountable for the actions — and inactions — of her office.

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