Election integrity failings appearing again, report says

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Election integrity is considered by many to have failed Americans during the 2020 presidential race, where at least two major outside influences now are widely thought to have taken the victory away from President Trump and given it to Joe Biden.

Those circumstances included the FBI’s interference in the election, with its solicitation for social media companies to suppress Russian “disinformation” about Biden.

Only it wasn’t disinformation at all, it was accurate reporting on the family’s international business dealings that were damaging to the candidate.

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Secondly, there was the $400 million plus that Mark Zuckerberg handed out through foundations to local elections officials, who often used it to recruit voters in Democrat districts.

Further, many jurisdictions simply ignored their own laws regarding mail-in ballots and drop boxes.

Now there’s a warning that some of those election integrity failures are appearing again, just days before the 2022 midterms.

At Just the News, a report explains more than 250,000 ballots have been mailed to voters in Pennsylvania whose identities have not been verified.

The report explains Verity Vote, an elections integrity organization, caught the potential problem as it was developing.

So 15 state lawmakers wrote to acting Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Leigh Chapman asking questions.

They noted that during a legislative hearing recently, Jonathan Marks, deputy secretary for Elections and Commissions, said there is no ID requirement for voter registration in the state but that it is required for mail-in ballots.

Marks admitted then that if someone turns in an invalid state ID, or if the last four digits of their Social Security number aren’t verified, counties still send the ballot and the ballot “doesn’t count” unless that ID is confirmed.

But lawmakers pointed out that state Department of State rules reveal voter ID is required “before” a ballot is sent.

“Due to this conflicting information, conscientious election workers could unknowingly accept and count ballots for which no verification has ever occurred,” the legislators said.

Further, the report explains, county election officials say they sometimes can and do count the ballots anyway. That would be after doing a “fix” on the invalid ID, with “no action taken by the voter.”

The lawmakers said a quarter of a million ballots actually is “an enormous number.”

The report said, “The lawmakers told the acting secretary of the commonwealth to instruct all counties to set the ballots with unverified identification aside, not count them, and ‘not ‘fix’ non-matching identification’ until a valid form of identification is provided.”

Verity Vote said its numbers were based on details provided by the state itself.

Phill Kline, of the election integrity organization Amistad Project, told Just the News the failings from the 2020 election are appearing again this year.

He charged, “The left has refused to abide by common-sense procedures, laws, and rules that make it easy for legitimate voters to vote and difficult for fraudulent voters and people to commit fraud.”

He said “curing” ballots that don’t meet statutory requirements also was a problem in Pennsylvania in 2020, when state officials told election workers to go ahead and make changes in problematic ballots, and count them.

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