Editorial lashes out at Biden for his ‘drop dead’ message to Americans

The editorial team at the Washington Examiner has lashed out at Joe Biden for his message to Americans who are not eligible for his proposed student loan scheme.

“He has sent a clear message to every who doesn’t have a college degree or who already paid off student loans: Drop dead,” the editors noted.

Biden this week announced a strategy to take up to $10,000 per student — $20,000 in some cases – and relieve them of the obligation to repay that amount.

Instead, the debt would be tacked onto the payments due from taxpayers, including those who paid off their own loans, those who didn’t go to college, seniors, and more.

The editors didn’t pull any punches in their description of what critics already have described as Biden’s attempt to buy the votes of millions in this fall’s midterms.

“President Joe Biden’s student loan bailout is illegal, inflationary, and immoral, all at the same time. It is also divisive. Nothing separates people more today than the line between those who have and have not gone to college. By giving away as much as $40,000 to families privileged with a college education, Biden is benefiting those most fortunate among us at the expense of those least fortunate, making existing inequalities even worse,” they said.

They also noted the law he apparently is using for his strategy was intended to provide help to members of the military who also had school loans, and President Donald Trump used that provision when he suspended loan payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“But COVID is no longer an emergency by any reasonable definition. Biden himself has urged everyone to go back to work. Schools are open again. The crisis is over,” the editorial said.

“Each time the federal government extends the suspension of federal loan payments — it has done so six times already — it does so on shakier legal ground. A permanent erasure of debt was clearly not envisioned by that statute, nor is it in any way related to the original COVID emergency.”

They charged that Biden’s is violating the law with his plan. “Worse, Biden’s student loan bailout is indistinguishable from mailing a check to each beneficiary. At a time when inflation is still 8.5% and an even higher 13% for groceries, the last thing the economy needs is for the federal government to put $20,000 checks in the mail. Biden’s recently passed Inflation Reduction Act reduced government deficits by $300 billion over 10 years. This student loan bailout completely undoes that in the space of just one month,” they wrote.

They said he’s encouraging students to borrow more, and colleges to charge more “without any risk or consequence.”

“Biden has shifted the risks and consequences to taxpayers. This is manifestly unfair,” they wrote.

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