Editorial calls out Twitter for ‘unreported’ political contributions to Biden

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A commentary in the Washington Examiner on Friday called out Twitter for “unreported in-kind political contributions” to Democrats by “helping amplify their message and suppress opposing messages.”

The unsigned editorial pointed out that during the 2020 election, “The Biden presidential campaign’s heavy use of Twitter to get unhelpful tweets removed is undeniable.

“With [Elon] Musk hinting that even political candidates were banned by Twitter’s woke former staffers, the possibility of a campaign finance violation is not outlandish,” it said.

The details about the one-sided agenda of social media is being revealed more and more now as Musk, the new owner of Twitter, is releasing details about the company’s political agenda before he took over.

Of course, it’s already well-known that the Biden administration set up a back-channel through which it would complain to various “foundations” about social media messages it disliked.

Those foundations then would complain to social media companies to try and suppress those messages. Even the FBI interfered on Joe Biden’s behalf in the election, telling social media companies to watch out for “disinformation” about Hunter Biden, even though that reporting by the New York Post on Hunter’s scandals was accurate.

The result was social media suppressed that information, and a survey suggested that changed the outcome of the election from President Trump to Joe Biden.

The headline explained it was “Undeniable: How Twitter’s woke staffers helped get Joe Biden Elected.”

The editorial notes Twitter and Facebook are private companies and as such, can regulate the speech on their platforms.

“But the situation changes when a social media platform acts on behalf of a government or presidential administration to censor disfavored speech. At that point, people’s First Amendment rights are being violated. Government has no authority to suppress discussion online. It is indeed banned from doing so by the Bill of Rights. And it may not evade this fundamental principle through a third party any more than it may lawfully deputize a private security company to search your home without a warrant,” the commentary said.

“The Bill of Rights bars the government from regulating free speech and especially political speech. With rare exceptions for defamation, incitement to criminal acts, obscenity, and fraud, the government has no right to silence people. This is a bedrock principle that went without question when America was thriving better than it is now — that is, until the recent rise of the totalitarian Left.”

It continued, “Whether it is in the name of blocking disinformation or preserving health, safety, or even national security, the government’s increasing censorship role is alarming and un-American. The intelligence community, using its own disinformation, got social media to treat news of Hunter Biden’s laptop that would have been embarrassing to Biden’s father, President Joe Biden, as a piece of Russian disinformation.

“As for Twitter, the pre-Musk company’s internal communications reveal a thoroughly dishonest corporate culture and possibly perjury in congressional testimony by one of its employees. Twitter employees repeatedly admitted in writing that former President Donald Trump had not incited violence with his Jan. 6 tweets and did not deserve to be banned. Yet the company has repeatedly said the opposite in public. Its assurances that conservative voices were not being deliberately muted have been laid bare as lies.”


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