Blues singer Eddy Clearwater dies

The music world lost one of its legendary showmen this weekend.

On Friday, Blues musician Eddy “The Chief” Harrington passed away at the age of 83.

Blues Legend

Harrington first came to prominence in the 1950s.

First gaining popularity in the Chicago area, Harrington gained international notoriety playing Blues festivals around the world.

One of the first songs that brought him into the limelight was a single called “Hill Billy Blues.”

He recorded that single under the name of Clear Water, a name hung on him by his manager and drummer, Jump Jackson.

That name would eventually become combined, giving Harrington his official stage name of Clearwater.

Harrington worked diligently to perfect his guitar playing in rather unique ways.

During shows, he would sometimes play the guitar with his opposite hand as well as playing it upside down.

His second nickname, The Chief, was due to his wardrobe.

When playing live shows, Harrington would often show up in Native American garb, hence the nickname.

After a career that spanned decades, Harrington was nominated for a Grammy for his 2003 album, “Rock ‘N Roll City.”

The Man

By all accounts, his daily life was very “normal.”

He married Renee Greenman, a woman who had managed a local bar in Chicago.

Harrington also had two sons, Edgar and Jason.

He did have previous heart problems in 1997, when he had a triple bypass surgery.

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Until his death on Friday, Harrington lived in suburb of Chicago, Skokie, Illinois.

RIP Eddie, you will be missed.

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