Former MSNBC host Ed Schultz has died

One of the more significant mouthpieces for liberal propaganda is no more.

Former MSNBC host and contributor for RT America, Ed Schultz, passed away on Thursday at the age of 64.

Broadcasting Career

Schultz actually started out as a sports broadcaster in Fargo, North Dakota.

From there, Schultz started to do political shows.

Believe it or not, he first hit the scene as a conservative.

Eventually, Schultz moved over to the left side of the aisle, which is when his political radio career really took off.

Schultz went national when The Ed Schultz Show was picked up.

Eventually, MSNBC picked him up and gave him his own show, The Ed Show, in 2009.

He quickly gained popularity with liberals and in 2010, was named to The Nation’s Progressive Honor Roll.

Fake News

Schultz had a battle with fake news very early on, and MSNBC barely gave him a slap on the wrist for it.

He selectively edited a Texas Governor Perry speech in 2011 to make it sound like a racist attack against President Obama.

What Governor Perry was actually referring to was the national debt.

Schultz would eventually leave his daily show for a weekend time slot.

In 2015, his show was cancelled altogether.

Six months later, Schultz surfaced on RT America, a network based in Moscow and funded by the Russian government.

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The network has come under considerable scrutiny recently.

So much so, in fact, it was forced to register as a “foreign agent” in 2017 by the Justice Department.

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