Fox News’ Ed Henry returns to the studio

For months now, the Fox News team has been one man short, with Ed Henry out on medical leave.

After donating a portion of his liver to his sister, the beloved Fox News star has finally returned to the studio, The Washington Examiner reports.

Emotional Decision

Ed Henry’s sister was diagnosed with a liver disease that more than likely would have taken her life if something was not done sooner rather than later.

While she was on a donor-recipient list, there are so many factors that come into play that it was unlikely she would have received a new liver before she lost her life.

For Ed Henry, the decision was simple: donate a piece of his liver to save his sister.

In Henry’s mind, this was a decision that was not even up for debate.

An Emotional Return

The return of Henry to the studio was no less emotional than his decision to donate his liver. The Fox anchor first made the announcement on Fox & Friends.

His co-workers played that clip for him when he returned to the studio and you could see the emotions coming right back, as it really sunk in how much he meant to both his real family and his work family.

After updating everyone on the status of his sister, who is still in recovery, Henry shared a funny story about Sean Hannity.

Hannity is well-known for giving people a friendly jab when he sees them, and he did that with Henry — not realizing Henry was still recovering from his surgery.

Luckily, Hannity missed the incision area, so Henry survived being “Hannitized.”

Henry is expected to be back in the Fox & Friends studio immediately, resuming his full slate of duties. And that’s good news for all of us.

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