Fox News’ Ed Henry leaves hospital after successful liver donation surgery

Ed Henry, chief national correspondent and host for Fox News, recently took a brief leave of absence to undergo surgery so he could donate a portion of his liver to his ailing sister, Colleen.

The popular Fox News personality revealed over the weekend that the operations on both himself and his sister were deemed successes and announced that he would be returning to the air in the near future.

Successful surgeries

Henry became emotional a week ago when he first discussed the impending, potentially risky surgeries on live television.

He explained that the process would involve him donating 30% of his liver to his sister, but he is all smiles now after everything went according to plan.

On Sunday Henry tweeted about his organ donation journey and that of his ailing, but improving sister.

Grateful for support

In a statement to Fox News, Henry said, “I am so gratified that both Colleen and I continue to make progress every day. And I am beyond elated to have gotten out of the hospital already with all of my vitals in the right place, and a functioning liver of my own. This has been a remarkable seven days, starting when I nervously opened up about all of this on Fox and Friends.”

“To think one week ago we were unsure about Colleen’s future, and anxious about two surgeries, yet tonight she has the greatest gift of all — life,” he continued. “We have had talented surgeons, doctors, nurses, and support staff. Plus loving parents and family and friends by our sides at every key moment.”

“But opening up about it to a broader audience brought a dimension we could not have anticipated — the love, prayers, and well wishes of thousands upon thousands of wonderful people we have never met. We are blessed and beyond grateful,” Henry added.

Planning his return

Henry noted that both he and Colleen still had their full recoveries ahead of them, but expressed his optimism that everything would continue to go well and revealed that he would be back on the air at Fox as soon as his doctors — and bosses at the network — gave him the all clear.

“We have always known the road to full recovery will be longer for Colleen. But her surgeon says as soon as he put part of my liver in her it started working immediately — a miracle,” Henry said. “She still has family and friends by her side every step of the way. And now she has a prayer army that nobody can beat. Our thanks and love always for your continued support.”

“For now the only marching order I have gotten from our CEO Suzanne Scott is to rest up for awhile. I will listen even though I will be champing at the bit to get back to work,” he added. “All I know is I will be ready and eager to get back as the doctors and Suzanne give me the green light because I miss our audience and my Fox colleagues, who have brought my family to tears with their outpouring.”

Ed Henry’s colleagues, friends, and fans are no doubt excited to hear the excellent news about the successful surgeries and Henry’s impending return to the network, as all have been quite open in their support of his selfless act to help save his sister’s life. For those who wish to provide further assistance and support to Colleen Henry, a GoFundMe account has been established on her behalf.

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