Democrat donor Ed Buck still being visited by young black men

The Clintons just can’t seem to keep their name free from scandals. Although many have been focusing on Bill Clinton’s ties with Jeffrey Epstein, a known associate of Hillary Clinton has been busy dragging her name through the mud as well.

Ed Buck, the infamous Hillary donor that has already had two men die at his home, is reportedly still receiving young black men at his Los Angeles apartment, according to photos published in the Daily Mail.

Two Mysterious Deaths

Democrats seem to be able to get away with just about anything these days. As an example, look no further than Democrat donor and Hillary supporter Ed Buck.

Buck allegedly likes to inject his male suitors with crystal meth to enhance the experience. That curious little habit of his has allegedly sent two young men to their graves already.

Gemmel Moore, who was 26 years old when he died, was one of the men found dead in Buck’s home and his family is currently involved in legal actions against Buck.

Buck paid Moore to fly from Texas to come to see him and was found dead from a meth overdose in Buck’s apartment on July 2017. A mere 18 months later, another black man, Timothy Dean, died from the same circumstances, also in Buck’s apartment.

Back At It Again

Having two men die in his apartment was apparently not enough to deter Buck from partaking in the same habits. A photo was recently published online of a young black man entering Buck’s LA apartment.

The man had a bandage on his left arm and was delivering a rather large amount of toilet paper and paper towels.

It may seem like an odd delivery, but photographs of Buck’s apartment make it clearer why the young man was bringing so many paper supplies for his visit to Buck.

One recent picture surfaced with a young man in his underwear while Buck was in the background on the sofa watching the man.

The apartment was a disgrace, with what appears to be more underwear thrown all over the floor as well as other trash. It looked more like a college football locker room than an apartment of a “respected” Democrat donor and gay activist.

Considering the reports of others that have come forward against Buck, it is simply amazing he is still walking around as a free man.

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