Clint Eastwood fights back against liberal Hollywood

After passing strict anti-abortion legislation, the entire state of Georgia has become public enemy No. 1 for Hollywood liberals.

Outspoken Republican Clint Eastwood has defied his liberal colleagues and plans on moving forward with using Georgia as the site of his next film shoot. He’s being ostracized for this decision.

The Ballad of Richard Jewell

The filming of Eastwood’s next movie, The Ballad of Richard Jewell, should and will be shot in Georgia.

This is probably a forgotten story for most, but it is a story that absolutely needs to be told for how relevant it actually is to today’s media temperament.

Jewell served as a local police officer and security guard in Georgia. In fact, he was working the Summer Olympics in 1996 when he was thrust into the spotlight.

Jewell noticed a suspicious backpack at Centennial Olympic Park. He notified proper authorities and helped evacuate the area prior to the bomb going off.

While initially being touted as a hero, Jewell eventually became a person of interest in the investigation.

Life Ruined

Needless to say, the accusations against Jewell all but ruined his life. The media, without proper corroboration or any evidence of wrongdoing by Jewell, all but convicted him of the crime.

The information used by the media was incomplete and unfounded, but that did not stop them from running with the story.

Eventually, Jewell was cleared and Eric Rudolph was found to have been the bomber. The damage, however, was done.

Jewell would receive a letter from the investigating U.S. Attorney exonerating him of all charges, then Jewell went after the media.

He sued NBC, the New York Post, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and CNN. He either won or settled every case in his favor.

To film his story anywhere but were this debacle took place would be a tragedy, and we are thankful Clinton Eastwood is standing up to liberal Hollywood to make it happen.

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