Easter terror attacks leave 15 dead, including 6 children

The terror in Sri Lanka has continued, and the result has been more tragic deaths.

Fifteen people, including 6 children, were killed in the Asian island country on Friday night when three terrorists detonated suicide vests. Many more were injured in the bombings.

Terror Reins

Sri Lanka has become the new hot-spot for terror attacks.

On Easter weekend in Colombo, more than 200 people were killed, and hundreds more injured.

Then, on Friday night, in the town of Kalmunai, which is about 200 miles from the capital, suicide bombers took more lives.

Meanwhile, tensions are on the rise in the nation, as residents are pointing to Muslims to place the blame.

Police Raid

While investigating the bombings, local police raided a factory they suspected was being used to create the suicide vests used in these attacks.

While they were doing that, Muslims throughout Sri Lanka were fleeing the country.

Reports estimated that more than 700 Muslims have left the area to ensure their safety.

One witness said he saw rocks being thrown at homes, rendering refugees terrified to come out.

Residents were already not happy that their country was being forced to take in these refugees. Now that radical Muslims have taken hundreds of lives, no Muslim will be able to travel safely in the area.

The problem this country and many others are facing is the fact terrorists use the cover of migrants to hide and infiltrate countries.

This is one of the major reasons behind Trump putting his infamous travel ban in place shortly after taking office.

It is also the reason he has made immigration reform a central part of his agenda.

If Democrats don’t wise up and start working with Trump, what happened in Sri Lanka is destined to happen here in the states.

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