EA reportedly bans Kyle Rittenhouse username from its gaming platform despite acquittal

According to PopTopic, EA reportedly indicated that it would permanently ban users with the name “Kyle Rittenhouse” from all games and services on the platform along with any similar usernames because the name allegedly represents “violence and terror.”

The platform claims that the Rittenhouse name violates their “positive play charter” because “it is a phrase that harms others or negatively disrupts the game.”

Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder charges when a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury found that he had acted in self-defense, though EA failed to mention that important detail.

“EA is committed to building healthy communities. We’re not here to drop the ban hammer, unless we absolutely need to. We will take action to protect our players against harmful behaviors, cheating, harmful content, and illegal activities,” the guidelines state.

Is it fair?

But the name of someone who was acquitted of murder charges should not be considered “harmful” or “negative,” at least not in an official capacity.

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram have all reinstated Rittenhouse’s accounts after disabling them during his trial, Newsweek noted.

Apparently, if the reports are accurate, EA seemingly doesn’t believe in the U.S. justice system.

Rittenhouse was brutally and unfairly targeted by the liberal media and Big Tech in the lead-up to his trial — and during — but have mostly backed off in the wake of the jury’s acquittal of the Illinois teen.

Next steps

Kyle Rittenhouse’s case for media defamation lawsuits, given the constant attacks and false accusations before and during the trial, continue to strengthen. It’s certainly plausible that Rittenhouse could take action against EA for banning his name.

In addition, the media clearly did not report facts about the high-profile case, as Fox News reported, and refused to show videos that ultimately convinced the jury that Rittenhouse was indeed attacked before he shot three people, killing two of them, during the Kenosha riot in 2020.

Many hope that Rittenhouse pursues legal action against the multiple networks and politicians — to include President Joe Biden — who defamed him repeatedly, much like Nick Sandmann did after he was defamed over an incident with a Native American protester at a pro-life rally — a lawsuit that made the young man hundreds of millions of dollars wealthier.

If the American people fail to hold the media accountable for the incessant slandering and defaming of anyone who opposes its woke agenda, the cycle of lies and fake news will never cease to end.

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