EA censors Colin Kaepernick’s name in game soundtrack

The new video game, Madden 19, was just released — without Colin Kaepernick in the soundtrack.

Game-maker EA had censored his name out of the soundtrack song “Big Yank.”

A Mistake

While his name was edited out, it will soon be returned.

The line: “You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick / I’m rare as affordable health care” was mistakenly edited by the EA team.

The company issued an edict that Kaepernick’s likeness was not to be used in the game since they did not have the rights to his image.

Accidentally, the team misunderstood the edict to eliminate any reference to Kaepernick from the game.

EA issued a statement stating it would immediately re-edit the song and put his name back into the lyric for updated versions of the game.

The company also apologized to Colin Kaepernick, songwriter YG, and rapper Big Sean for the error.

The Kaepernick Drama

It would not be a surprise to see Kaepernick try to use this in his collusion case against the NFL.

According to Kaepernick and his legal team, the owners of the NFL conspired to keep him out of the game after he started to kneel during the anthem.

His case has little merit, though, as his stats tell the story of a failing quarterback.

Kaapernick’s first year as a starter was by far his best.

In 2012, he started seven games, going 5-2, with a 71.8 QBR (ESPN’s total quarterback rating), the best of his short career.

Kaepernick also guided the San Francisco 49ers through the playoffs into the Super Bowl, where the team lost to the Baltimore Ravens.

The slide for Kaepernick started the very next season.

While the 49ers went 12-4 during the regular season, his rating slipped to 65.7, and the team was knocked out of the playoffs in the conference championships.

Over the next two seasons, Kaepernick saw a significant slide, with respective QB ratings of 60.9 and 43.4.

During the 2015 season, Kaepernick also started to have injury problems and only played in nine games, starting eight of them.

His final season in the league, in 2016, saw Kaepernick try to come back from his injury, appearing in 12 games, starting 11 of them.

His weakened arm strength was noticeable, and he was virtually unable to get the team into the win column, going 1-10 as a starter with a completion percentage under 60 percent (ranked 26th in the NFL).

His QBR of 49.5 ranked him 21st in the league and his NFL rating of 90.7 placed him 17th in the league.

When coupled with the obvious drama that came along with having him on the team, Kaepernick was simply not worth the risk of investment.

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Keep in mind: even though he had clearly lost his edge and was no longer considered a starter, he was demanding a starter’s salary.

There was no collusion. Kaepernick is simply washed up.

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