Dylan Mulvaney, after Bud Light disaster, turns to campus speeches

 December 7, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Dylan Mulvaney, described by PJ Media as a "notorious man-child who pretends to be a girl," is fresh off a disastrous promotion deal with Bud Light.

The company's involvement with him already had taken $10 billion off the market cap of the corporation, removed Bud Light from its longtime position as the best-selling American beer, and triggered multiple boycotts of owner Anheuser-Busch.

The report noted that the tickets for the event were free, and the Daily Mail documented how he talked about his "struggles and dreams" to a "small crowd."

He emphasized his "passion for theater" and upcoming "one-woman (sic) show."

The report explained, "According to the invitation for the event, students were required to RSVP for the event and would be put on a waitlist if tickets were sold out. 'Students should remain on this Waitlist in the chance that they are bumped to the RSVP list,' the invitation explained. 'If a student is still on the Waitlist at the time of the event, they will be directed to the standby line and will not be guaranteed entry to the event. Once all present ticketed attendees are granted entry, individuals in the standby line will be let in as capacity allows.'"

But PJ Media noted that those with the "bright idea" of paying Mulvaney to talk were grossly wrong in estimating the interest "in hearing him blather about clothes and pretending to be a girl."

He also announced his "next musical theater dream is to do a production with a lot of trans people on stage."A large

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