Dying to get out of debt payments? New York Times says death works

July 4, 2023
World Net Daily

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The New York Times, after the Supreme Court agreed with ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she said Joe Biden didn't have the authority to cancel hundreds of billions of dollars in student-loan debt, offered students an easy out death.

The content quickly was edited.

But Fox News caught the manipulations after the Times column pointed out that "death" was one way for people to cancel those student loans.

The Fox report explained, "Among six methods Ron Lieber included to get rid of student loan debt, such as signing up for student loan forgiveness and filing for bankruptcy, he included that debt 'dies with the person or people who take it on,'" the report said.

"This option was given to students worried that the debt their loved ones took out for their schooling would pass on to them if those loved ones died. Lieber assured them it wouldn’t," Fox explained.

The report noted the Times comments were posted shortly after the high court vetoed Biden's scheme to cancel debts for student borrowers, either $10,000 or $20,000 depending on circumstances.

The benefit was to have gone to students making less than $125,000 a year.

The program had opposition from its start, as critics pointed out it lacked any equity for those who already had paid off their loans. And it was determined it would benefit most of those who took the largest loans, law students, and the like.

Further, there was Pelosi's verdict that Biden absolutely was not allowed to do what only Congress had permission to do.

Fox reported that Lieber’s piece sympathized with the "enormous disappointment" of those who found out they were not getting loans canceled.

It then offered alternatives.

He cited various options, such as "Income-Driven Repayment," "Public Service Loan Forgiveness," and "Bankruptcy Discharge."

He also added "Death."

Reported Fox, "At least, that's what his piece said before public outcry on Twitter. MSNBC columnist Katelyn Burns highlighted the article's headline, 'Ways You Can Still Cancel Your Federal Student Loan Debt' and the 'Death' subsection, tweeting, 'NYT what the f*** are you doing bro.'"

The Times shortly after changed the reference.

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