Dutch police shoot and wound Syrian man waving ax

Yet another Ramadan attack took place, but this time the police were on the right side of it.

A Syrian man was shot and wounded while wielding an axe and shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Dutch Police to the Rescue

According to the report, the incident happened near the port city of Rotterdam.

Police responded to a man standing on his balcony waving the axe.

When police arrived, they tried to calm the man down, but were unsuccessful.

The police then sent a team in to apprehend the man.

During the arrest, the Syrian stabbed a K9 officer assigned to the unit.

The dog reportedly died of the injuries.

‘Organization’ Ties

Apparently, the man was on the radar of local authorities.

The suspect had reportedly moved to the area earlier this year to live with his father.

The mayor, Cor Lamers, however, said the man had been on their radar.

Lamers stated, “The man was known to several help organizations, but this was an escalation we had not seen coming.”

Ramadan Attacks

The wave of escalations continues during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Only a day before, another attack happened in Belgium.

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In that attack, two females police officers were shot.

In addition, a citizen was mortally wounded in the attack.

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