Report: Durham zeroing in on possible misconduct ahead of Mueller investigation

Everyone is hoping the investigation into the origins of Robert Mueller’s investigation that is being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham will be over soon so we can finally know the truth — but it looks like he is just getting started.

New reports have surfaced alleging that Durham is now directing his attention at the months leading up the launch of the Mueller investigation.

The paper trail

Catherine Herridge, an investigative journalist for CBS News, stated this week that Durham is leaving a “strong” paper trail behind that points to this time frame being the focus of his investigation.

If that is true, it would lead us to believe that some of former President Barack Obama’s top intelligence officials are now being looked at very closely by the Durham investigative team.

Something of note here is that retired admiral and former director of the National Security Agency Michael Rogers is reportedly cooperating with Attorney General Bill Barr and Durham in this investigation.

Rogers is a no-nonsense type of guy with vast experience in uncovering abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which does not bode well for the likes of former intelligence agency directors James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan.

It’s going to take time

Because of the depth of this investigation, we can’t expect results anytime soon. While some media outlets have touted early spring as the expected delivery date, Barr seems to think this investigation will probably carry over into the summer.

Most Americans would probably be happy if this is rectified before the primary dates are over, and that does seem likely, with final primary voting taking place during the first week of June (if needed).

So far, Durham’s office has been very quiet about the ongoing probe. Other than the public statement by both Durham and Barr after the recent inspector general report was published, Durham has refused to disclose any details about his investigation.

We can only hope Durham decides to hold then-leadership responsible for the crimes committed in the time leading up to the Mueller investigation rather than just blaming a few low-level employees.

With Durham taking so much time to conduct the probe, perhaps he is trying to fill in the blanks for just how much involvement former FBI Director Comey had in terms of shaping the direction of the Mueller investigation.

The findings of this investigation could not only help keep Trump in the White House, but it may once and for all completely destroy whatever legacy there is left of the Obama administration.

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