Report: Durham probing Brennan’s assessment of 2016 Russian interference

On Thursday, a political bombshell was dropped by The New York Times.

According to a report in the Times, U.S. Attorney John Durham is now taking a closer look at Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan’s analysis of Russian election interference.

The Durham probe

One of William Barr’s first acts after he became attorney general was to assign a bulldog prosecuting attorney to look into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation.

Barr selected no-nonsense U.S. Attorney John Durham. Per the Washington Examiner, Brennan may have been keeping other intelligence agencies in the dark so that the CIA could push a very specific narrative about the Trump campaign.

Based on the public statements made by Brennan after Obama left office, this is not exactly a far-fetched premise.

At the heart of Durham’s investigation into Brennan is the question of why specific emails were either blocked from being sent to other agencies or their disclosure was outright refused when requests were made.

Ultimately, Durham is trying to find out if the investigation into alleged Russia collusion was politically biased or if it proceeded for the right reasons and not as a hit job on Donald Trump.

Indictments coming?

The big question at this point is whether Barr’s Justice Department will actually go up against the big names of the political and law enforcement worlds.

Barr has done an exceptional job in terms of launching investigations, and he has some impressive indictments under his belt, but he has yet to bring down a career politician, lifelong bureaucrat, or an intelligence community official found to be corrupt.

The most damning example in the eyes of many observers is the fact that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was just let off without prosecution after having lied to investigators about leaks to the media.

Conservatives want to see indictments, not investigations that take two years and conclude with someone who admitted to breaking the law being given a free pass.

Hopefully, the Durham investigation will end differently, and justice will finally be served to government officials who abused their power for political gain.

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