Report: Durham probe now focusing on pre-Robert Mueller time frame

New developments in the current investigation being led by Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the Trump–Russia collusion hoax are likely to have some high-profile Democrats looking over their shoulders.

CBS News has reported that Barr and Durham, after following a “strong” paper trail, are now focusing in on the months before Special Counsel Robert Mueller took over the Russia investigation, ranging from January through May of 2017. 

A new focus in Durham’s probe

Given that the current investigation is being conducted according to proper protocol — which is to say, not through the media — specifics are hard to come by. But there are bits and pieces that can be gleaned from time to time.

The New York Times recently reported that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating confidential information leaks possibly involving former FBI Director James Comey. And it just so happens that the particular leak at issue stems from the time period on which Durham is currently focused.

We already know about one potential leak from Comey that took place in the spring of 2017, when Comey’s notes from conversations he had with President Donald Trump were leaked to the media by a friend of his, Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman. Here, Comey has essentially been cleared of wrongdoing after a determination was made that the information in question was not confidential.

But, the New York Times report is centered on a different possible leak.

Comey’s concern

This other leak revolves around a Russian intelligence document of questionable authenticity that apparently was so important that it influenced the way Comey conducted the infamous Hillary Clinton email server investigation — the one in which the former secretary of State was let off the hook by Comey and others despite her gross violations of State Department rules by using a private email server for highly sensitive government communications.

The document at issue, according to reports, stated that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch would do whatever she could to prevent Clinton from being prosecuted for these offenses.

Out of fear that this document would be made public, Comey is said to have then held his infamous press conference in July 2016 in which he stated that the FBI’s recommendation was that Clinton not be prosecuted.

Both individuals, Comey and Lynch, have denied that there was any sort of collusion to protect Clinton.

More to come

The likelihood is that this is just a small part of what Durham is investigating. But, the revelation does provide some valuable insights into the scope of his work.

Let’s also not forget that Barr and Durham’s probe has become a criminal one, which has its own implications. The bottom line is that some of these key players from the Russia collusion hoax, including Comey, may be finding it increasingly hard to sleep at night.

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