Barr suggests Durham investigation could be completed by spring

When the inspector general’s report on FBI surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign was released on Monday, it blasted the FBI for its processes and lack of oversight, but concluded that he did not “find documentary or testimonial evidence of intentional misconduct.”

But according to the Washington Examiner, Attorney General Bill Barr cut that news cycle short by not only disagreeing with the conclusion, but also announcing a potential late spring climax for the investigation being headed by U.S. Attorney John Durham, something which will likely not be so nice for Democrats.

The IG report

For those who have not yet read the IG report, its ultimate conclusion was that there was no “intentional” bias at the launch of the Trump–Russia collusion investigation.

The liberal media jumped all over this while actually missing out on the meat of the report as well as failing to clarify exactly what is needed to launch such an investigation.

In the report, the IG stated that the threshold to launch an investigation is very low. Indeed, according to the IG, an investigation can be launched with nothing more than a phone call — so don’t let Democrats make a bigger deal over the fact that an investigation was actually launched than it’s worth.

Also, the report was full of scathing criticism of the work that was done by Jim Comey’s FBI. However, IG Michael Horowitz did not find documentary evidence of clear bias in the investigation, another point the Democrats have been trumpeting.

Again, though, unless “testimonial or documentary” evidence of bias is found, the IG cannot formally conclude that such a bias existed.

The Durham investigation

With both Barr and Durham stating their obvious displeasure with the ultimate conclusion of the IG report, most conservatives are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Durham investigation.

It is very important to realize that Horowitz only has the power to refer any potential wrongdoing to other parties for further action. In this case, we know he made at least one referral to Durham.

Horowitz was also not able to reach out to certain sources overseas which Durham is able to do. Whereas Horowitz released his findings of misconduct, Durham will actually be able to do something about this misconduct, but it won’t be a fast process.

“You know, there’s some people who think this thing is going to drop in a few weeks. That’s not the case,” Barr said. “I see this, perhaps, reaching an important watershed perhaps in the late spring, early summer.”

With Barr announcing the investigation possibly wrapping up in late spring, it could devastate the 2020 election if its conclusions are as damning as most believe they will be.

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