John Durham is investigating James Comey over his use of Steele dossier

Former FBI Director James Comey has been officially put on notice.

U.S. Attorney John Durham, who was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to look into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, is examining Comey’s inclusion of the Steele dossier in the intelligence assessment given to President Donald Trump, One America News reported.

Comey and Brennan in the hot seat

James Comey is not the only one that should be worried about this recent turn of events.

Former CIA director John Brennan is also implicated for his part in “elevating” the unverifiable, Democrat-funded Steele dossier.

And now, the two former high-ranking intelligence officials are pointing fingers at one another.

For his part, Brennan has stated he never used the Steele dossier in any of the CIA’s assessment.

His camp previously stated Comey was the one who insisted on putting the dossier into the intelligence assessment.

Comey, however, told subordinates that Brennan asked for “crown materials” to be included in the assessment, according to a 2016 email chain and reported by Fox News. “Crown materials” was a term that referred to the Steele dossier, a likely reference to Steele’s role with British intelligence.

These developments have significant implications for both Comey and Brennan and could even lead to arrests, should Barr and Durham find that the FBI and/or CIA abused the justice system as part of a political agenda against Donald Trump.

Trump green-lights Barr investigation

This week, Trump ordered the intelligence agencies to fully cooperate with AG Barr’s investigation, and also authorized Barr to declassify any documents related to the FBI’s spying on the Trump campaign.

“I think what’s most important about this executive order is it shows Comey, Clapper, and Brennan all are in jeopardy,” Rep. Matt Gaetz said Thursday.

Expect more darts to be thrown between the Brennan and Comey camps as they each try to throw the other under the bus before they get run down.

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