Dick Durbin says federal government owes Carter Page an apology

The Justice Department Inspector General’s report on abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court by the FBI in 2016 to obtain a warrant to surveil Trump campaign aide Carter Page unveiled a plethora of arguably intentional “errors and omissions” and FBI misconduct throughout the process that even some Democrats have felt compelled to admit is unacceptable.

Breitbart reported that even Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) acknowledged on Sunday that the U.S. government owed an apology to Page for the ordeal to which he had wrongly been subjected, though he stopped short of admitting that it was all the result of a politically biased probe of Donald Trump.

Page deserves apology

The Democrat senator’s remarks came during an appearance Sunday morning on CBS’ Face the Nation with host Margaret Brennan, who noted specifically that the IG report had exposed that an FBI lawyer falsified a document to make Page appear worthy of suspicion during the effort to obtain a FISA warrant.

She noted that even fired FBI Director James Comey, during an earlier interview on Fox News Sunday, had admitted that the FBI had treated Page “unfairly,”  and she asked Durbin: “Does the U.S. government owe Carter Page an apology?”

“Well I can certainly tell you, based on what we saw, they do,” Durbin replied. Watch below:

Shifting blame

The senator said: “Here’s the bottom line — many of us have been looking at this FISA, secret FISA court for years, saying this isn’t first and won’t be the last time the FBI misrepresents evidence before this court and proceeds.

“We have tried to reform the proceedings,” Durbin continued. “Senator (Mike) Lee, Republican (UT), Senator (Patrick) Leahy, Democrat (VT), myself and others, have been pushing for FISA reform. We couldn’t get the Republicans to join us in that effort.”

He went on: “Maybe now they will. This should be a bipartisan effort to clean up the FISA court. What happened in this situation was inexcusable.

“But remember what the inspector general said is the bottom line — opening this investigation was warranted and not political,” Durbin added, ignoring the fact that the IG also said it was an exceptionally “low bar” to clear to open an investigation and that he was merely unable to find any documentary or testimonial evidence of political bias, not that there was absolutely none potentially at play in the process.

Trump next in line

Given how so many on the left had circled the wagons around the FBI and defended the investigation against Trump and warrant to spy on Page — who was unjustly smeared for years as a traitorous Russian asset — both are most certainly due an apology from the FBI for what they were put through.

While it is good that Durbin admitted as much with regard to Page, it is still sad that he and his comrades on the left, who are wholly consumed with hatred for President Trump, will never admit as much with respect to him.

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