Trump may allow states to require drug tests for food stamps

The free ride may be coming to a swift and conclusive end for everyone that took advantage of Obama’s lax welfare policies.

Several reports have hit the newswire that President Trump is about to allow all states to require drug tests in order to receive their benefits.

Step in the Right Direction

Welfare has become a family business for millions of Americans.

One generation after the next sits on their butt and collects a government paycheck funded with our tax dollars and have no intention of ever doing anything else.

Furthermore, far too many welfare recipients are enjoying their version of the good life.

They trade their food stamps for drugs, then sit on the sofa getting high all day while the rest of us have to actually go out and earn a living.

The new proposal by the Trump administration will allow states to require some recipients to undergo drug screening in order to continue to receive their benefits.

Who Is Targeted?

The proposal specifically wants able-bodied recipients with no dependents to undergo the screening.

While most conservatives would like to see this stretched even further, it will be getting a foot in the door.

Once the initial proposal comes into play and everyone sees how successful it is, there will no doubt be sweeping reform throughout the welfare system.

Trump Appointments Will Come into Play

Similar programs have bene proposed before, but they have been shot down by liberal judges appointed by Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

Trump has had to make dozens of judiciary appointments since coming into office.

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This, of course, means some of that resistance states have experienced in the past may dissipate now that we have more conservative judges.

If the proposal does go through and states then require drug testing for welfare, the trickle-down effect of this will be enormous.

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