HarperCollins drops Chris Cuomo’s book after CNN fires network star

Things are going from bad to worse for ex-CNN star Chris Cuomo.

The New York Post is now reporting that HarperCollins Publishers has “dropped plans” to publish a new book by the liberal journalist, who was fired from CNN last weekend after his efforts to help his brother wheedle his way out of sexual harassment allegations were exposed.

It’s confirmed

The news that HarperCollins is dropping Cuomo’s book was confirmed on Tuesday after observers noticed that a webpage for the book had been removed from Amazon.

According to the Post, the book, which was slated to be titled Deep Denial, was billed as “a provocative analysis of the harsh truths that the pandemic and Trump years have exposed about America — about our strength and our character — and a roadmap of the work needed to make our ideals match reality.”

It doesn’t sound like the world will be missing out on much.

Kelly Rudolph, a spokesperson for HarperCollins, told the Post, “I can confirm that we don’t intend to publish the book.” Rudolph declined to delve into further detail.

A downhill spiral

Of course, there’s no hiding the fact that Cuomo’s name isn’t exactly making headlines for a positive reason as of late. CNN finally fired their star anchor Saturday, with the network saying it’d found “additional information” about his efforts to help his brother, disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), fend off claims of sexual misconduct.

In a separate report, the New York Post claimed that information included allegations of sexual misconduct lodged against Chris Cuomo himself “by a woman who formerly worked with him at ABC.”

The Post reports of the accuser:

The unidentified woman is set to be interviewed by outside lawyers hired by CNN this week, pending an agreement to keep her identity and everything she says confidential, sources said.

A spokesperson for Chris Cuomo has denied the allegation, saying “these apparently anonymous allegations are not true,” according to the Post.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows for the former governor’s brother. Chris Cuomo has also reportedly left his SiriusXM radio show. “While I have a thick skin, I also have a family, for whom the past week has been extraordinarily difficult,” he said of the decision, according to NBC News.

In the meantime, reports claim Chris Cuomo is teeing up a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against his former employer, CNN, for breach of contract.

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