U.S. drone strike kills key Taliban leader

The Donald Trump administration and our military just took another fang out of the Taliban.

On Wednesday, Pakistani Taliban leader Mullah Fazlullah was reportedly killed by a drone strike.

The Strike

Fazlullah has been a high-valued target for some time.

In fact, he has been wrongfully reported dead on a prior occasion.

And while U.S. command did not specifically name Fazlullah, it did state a senior Taliban leader had been killed in the drone strike.

Pakistani officials, however, made the claim public that Fazlullah was the leader killed in the U.S. strike.

Continued Pressure

After a brief respite, the Trump administration has once again turned up the heat against the Taliban.

There is significant pressure on Trump to remove our troop presence from the Middle East.

However, that cannot and will not happen until the Taliban has been eradicated.

According to reports, the recent uptick in attacks is an effort to get the Afghan Taliban to come to a negotiating table to bring peace to the area.

This latest attack was specifically aimed at an area that is considered a stronghold for the Taliban for both Pakistani and Afghan terrorists.

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While it does appear that the Pakistani government supported this drone strike, that has not always been the case.

After several prior strikes, the Pakistani government claimed the United States was violating its sovereignty by conducting them.

But it looks like they need our help now — and we’re happy to give it, if it means eradicating terrorism.

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