Dr. Ronny Jackson: ‘Something is going on with Joe Biden’s health’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden — the media-declared president-elect — is facing new scrutiny in the wake of a recent injury that, on the surface, seems pretty typical for a man of his age. But at least one expert believes that there’s much more going on with his health than meets the eye.

Former White House physician and Congressman-elect Dr. Ronny Jackson thinks that Biden is fragile in a physical sense, and shared concerns that Biden doesn’t appear to have the “cognitive resources” required to become the leader of the free world.

Dr. Jackson’s Thoughts

In an interview with SiriusXM’s “Breitbart News Saturday,” Jackson tackled the most recent health scare in the Biden camp — the mysterious incident that reportedly happened as he chased his dog after coming out of the shower, which resulted in numerous hairline fractures in his foot.

The injury was originally reported simply as a “twisted ankle,” before further scans revealed the true extent of the injuries. The injury was so serious that doctors issued a specialized boot in which the former vice president has to wear for a certain amount of time.

“Anybody can slip and fall, obviously. I actually broke my ankle during the campaign … but here’s the issue: I still maintain that something is going on with Joe Biden’s health,” Jackson said while adding that he believes Biden looks much different now than he did even as recently as 2019 on the campaign trail.

Jackson attributes the perceived mental decline to a “transition” in the natural aging process. What he’s saying is something we all experience, such as that moment when you realize your parents or your aunt or uncle are quite as sharp as they once were.

While a transition period in aging is quite normal and expected, Jackson is concerned that it’s not the best spot to be in for a potential president. “I don’t think it’s gonna be good to be commander in chief in that situation,” Jackson added.

Jackson’s Main Fear

While Jackson fears Biden becoming president for obvious political reasons, he expressed during the interview that he’s warier of how long Biden might actually last as president before somehow, someway, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) steps in and assumes command.

“I’m a firm believer that if he gets in, he won’t be there for more than a year before something comes up and they have to remove him from office, and Kamala Harris is our president,” Jackson said, which is a fear shared by many conservative Americans.

“I have no confidence in his cognitive or physical ability to serve as our commander in chief and our head of state,” Jackson said, while adding that he has virtually zero confidence in Biden’s physical stamina or his “cognitive resources” to sit in the Oval Office for any length of time.

Jackson doubled down on his thoughts of Harris becoming president, adding that he believes Democrats used Biden as their best shot at winning the nomination but said that the “grand plan” is for Harris to eventually become the president of the United States.

According to The New York Post, Jackson worked in the White House medical unit under former President George W. Bush before eventually rising to the title of “physician to the president” under former President Barack Obama’s administration and for a stint under Trump.

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