Dr. Fauci MIA as Democrats attempt to memory-hole pandemic ahead of midterm elections

Dr. Anthony Fauci has bizarrely gone missing from the public eye amidst the war in Ukraine after nearly two years of non-stop coverage.

Dr. Fauci became notorious for his insistence on prolonging the Covid-19 pandemic response and many Americans rightly suspected that Fauci was addicted to the spotlight. Now Dr. Fauci has mysteriously disappeared along with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Fauci has not made an appearance since February 23rd, right around the exact time that Russia invaded Ukraine.

The pandemic is over

Many Americans had their worst fears confirmed as the conflict in Russia and the sudden pivot from Covid-19 revealed that the whole pandemic was a political game.

Now with the war in Ukraine raging, the pandemic is no longer a suitable vehicle for the elite to gain more power. It was never about science or saving lives; it was about power and influence, especially for Dr. Fauci.

Furthermore, not only is the war a more pressing concern, the pandemic policies of the Democrat Party were threatening to kill them in the midterm elections.

Americans are fed up with the Covid-19 narrative and most of all, Americans are fed up with Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci made over 20 different appearances on national news outlets in December, but so far, he has yet to make a single appearance in March.

Democrats clearly want to shove Dr. Fauci and the entire Covid-19 pandemic into the closet ahead of the midterms. Democrats are hoping that Americans will forget the gross mismanagement and blatant power grabs they committed during the pandemic.

The narrative has changed

Democrats are desperate to either cut their ties to figures like Dr. Fauci and the hated lockdowns as Americans prepare to vote in a critical midterm election.

This was confirmed by a leaked report outlining that Democrats need to make a complete shift away from their past stances if they want to avoid a bloodbath in November.

Unfortunately for Democrats, they may have waited too long to trash pandemic restrictions and hide Dr. Fauci from the public. The midterms are just around the corner and polls indicate Americans are still angry and dissatisfied with Democrat leadership.

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