Dozens of police agencies pull out of deal to provide security at Democratic National Convention

While many Democrats have joined forces with the activist groups calling for defunded police departments and other limitations on law enforcement, the move appears to have come back to bite them.

According to Breitbart, a recent ban on the use of tear gas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has prompted more than 100 agencies contracted to provide security during the upcoming Democratic National Convention to pull out of their deals.

“Remove tools from officers”

Pepper spray is considered among the less-than-lethal techniques most effective in dispersing unruly crowds and has been the subject of increased scrutiny amid ongoing nationwide protests.

A local ordinance took that tool away from police in Milwaukee, leaving officers with fewer resources in the event that such crowd control is needed during the convention.

Protesters and counterprotesters are expected, and recent events suggest the demonstrations could quickly devolve into property destruction and violence.

Under the circumstances, numerous security agencies now believe they would be unable to safely provide services for the event.

West Allis Deputy Chief Robert Fletcher discussed his agency’s concerns about working at the convention, which is set to kick off on Aug. 17.

“Our concern is that in the event protests turn non-peaceful, such a policy would remove tools from officers that may otherwise be legal and justifiable to utilize in specific situations,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

“Confirm the exact opposite”

In other cities where similar bans have been enacted, law enforcement leaders have expressed many of the same misgivings.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best responded to ongoing efforts to defund and disarm local cops with a statement to city officials denouncing many of the arguments being used by anti-police protesters.

“There is a plethora of evidence that effective, evidence-based policing prevents crime,” she said, according to local CBS affiliate KIRO. “I do not know what the advocates were pointing to when they stated to council, they have evidence that policing doesn’t prevent crime, but there are countless, peer-reviewed articles that confirm the exact opposite.”

Given their insistence that police officers are not necessary to keep the peace, it might come as a surprise that the DNC has determined it needs so much security for its upcoming event.

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