Report: Authorities discover dozens of bodies at cartel-owned properties in Mexico

To hear Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speak about illegal immigration, one would think there is no risk presented to the U.S. by allowing anyone and everyone to enter through the nation’s southern border.

But that perception pressed by Pelosi and her leftist comrades was just proven wrong — yet again — by the discovery of two separate mass graves on cartel-owned properties in Mexico, Breitbart reported. Authorities found 50 bodies on one property alone, for a total of 81 bodies found.

Gruesome discoveries in Mexico

The gruesome discoveries in the state of Jalisco in Mexico came about following a police raid in November on a suspected drug stash house that resulted in the arrests of 15 gunmen suspected of being affiliated with an undisclosed Mexican drug cartel.

The region is nominally under the control of the Cartel Jalisco Nuevo Generacion, but that group is currently embroiled in an ongoing fight with other criminal organizations trying to gain a foothold within their turf.

Statements reportedly issued by the arrested gunmen led to the discovery of three separate locations that were allegedly being used by the cartel to dispose of the bodies of those killed in the perpetual turf war.

Subsequent raids on those ranches and warehouses led to the discovery of at least 81 bodies that were buried in clandestine unmarked mass graves.

Disgusting findings

In the first warehouse where the gunmen had been arrested, a search conducted over several days resulted in the discovery of 31 bodies, 25 men and six women.

A search of a second warehouse disclosed by the arrested gunmen turned up a mass grave containing the remains of at least 50 bodies, though they have not been further identified.

Police are reportedly investigating the third property revealed by the arrestees, and the results of a search of that particular location are still pending.

Coming to America?

Sadly, these bodies discovered in unmarked mass graves are but a small percentage of the hundreds, if not thousands of lives cut short every year due to the violence of the warring drug cartels and law enforcement — and the odds are good that there are, unfortunately, other mass graves just like these located on cartel-owned properties throughout Mexico.

Were the Democrats to have their way and truly institute an open border between Mexico and the U.S., it would clearly be an invitation for the cartels to move northward and greatly expand their footprints within the U.S.

That can’t be allowed to happen, making it all the more important that President Donald Trump be re-elected to continue his efforts to secure the southern border and ensure that the deadly cartel violence stays outside of our country.

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