Dozens of kangaroos found dead on Australian beach

After a hazard-reduction burn went wrong, Australia’s trademark wildlife paid the price.

High winds reportedly sent a bushfire out of control, driving dozens of kangaroos onto the beach and into the water to escape the fire, where roughly 40 kangaroos ending up drowning.

Sad Sight

One of the most depressing sites you can see is defenseless animals having met their demise while simply trying to survive.

In this case, the kangaroos were trying to escape a bushfire that was quickly growing out of control.

According to reports, preventative fires were being set to avoid future catastrophe.

However, high winds changed the course of the fire, right into the homes of these kangaroos.

In an effort to avoid the flames and heat, the kangaroos moved to the beach and eventually into the water.

A helicopter pilot flying over the area noticed dozens of carcasses along the beachfront and notified officials of the tragedy.

Evacuation Ordered

In addition to the kangaroos losing their homes and their lives, local campers were also evacuated from the area. Residents of Bribie Island were also requested to leave the area until the bushfires could be brought under control.

After a concentrated effort, which included water bombs being dropped on the fire, it was reportedly contained.

The local government agency overseeing the wildlife services stated the cause of the fire will be investigated.

For animal lovers, though, this was just a sight that brought tears to their eyes. The pictures of these dead kangaroos, several of them with babies in their pouches, buried in the wet sand is just a sad reminder of how fragile life can be.

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