Dozens injured, at least 11 dead after latest Taliban attack in Afghanistan: Report

With every passing day, the idea of a workable peace treaty with the Taliban grows thinner and thinner — and their latest move isn’t helping matters.

According to the Washington Examiner, a Monday attack by the Taliban in Afghanistan left at least 11 people dead and dozens more injured.

A deadly attack

According to the Examiner, the attack took place at the provincial headquarters of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security in Aybak. Taliban operatives reportedly set off a car bomb in hopes of breaching the compound before engaging in what the Examiner described as “a bloody gun battle that lasted hours.”

At the end of it all, 11 officers with the Afghan intelligence agency had been slaughtered.

“The blast was so strong that it broke people’s windows 3 kilometers away,” the Samangan Province’s deputy governor, Sefatullah Samangani, said of the explosion that launched the attack, according to the Examiner.

Samangani went on: “The building of the intelligence agency and the municipality building are not usable anymore.”

Stalled peace talks

President Donald Trump, for his part, has been trying for months to lock down a peace deal between Afghanistan and the Taliban, but untimely attacks seem to derail the talks every time. In September, just days before Taliban leaders were scheduled to meet with Trump at Camp David to put the final touches on a peace deal, the terrorist group launched another attack, prompting Trump to call off the meeting, as NBC News reported at the time.

The talks later resumed, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo leading the way, but it seems Afghanistan is no longer a willing participant, given the recent activities of the Taliban. (And who could blame them?)

Afghan leaders, for their part, believe the terrorist group is trying to use these attacks as leverage.

“Turning to violence and killing people for leverage in negotiations is the worst approach that, unfortunately, the Taliban have taken up,” Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said in a statement following the Taliban’s latest deadly rampage, according to the Examiner.

It all begs the question: If an agreement is reached, can the Taliban be trusted to hold up its end of the bargain?

Only time will tell.

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