Dozens injured on Air Canada flight after it was hit by turbulence

We have all been on planes when turbulence hits, but it surely was nothing like what travelers on the Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Sydney, Australia experienced.

After leaving Toronto, the plane suddenly encountered severe turbulence, which left more than three dozen people injured, including nine severe injuries.

Scary Minutes

When something like this is going on, seconds seem like minutes and minutes seem like hours.

According to witnesses on the plane, the flight was about two hours from Honolulu when the turbulence hit.

Jess Smith, who was a passenger on the plane, stated, “We hit turbulence and we all hit the roof, and everything fell down … people went flying.”

Another passenger, Fais Asad, stated, “It was like a second, but it was enough to see everybody jump. Some people that weren’t strapped in, you saw them rise in the air and hit their heads on the roof and everything, so it was quite intense.”

As stated above, the severe turbulence resulted in dozens of injuries on the plane. Among those most severely injured were a couple of members of the flight attendant team.

Some of the more severe injuries were back and head injuries as well as numerous people suffering from lacerations. With so many injured aboard, the flight crew had no choice but to make an emergency landing in Hawaii.

Calm After the Storm

One would think panic would have set in, but the setting on the plane seemed almost surreal according to passengers.

Everyone was in disbelief or possibly a state of shock. Several of them stated that is was almost eerie how quiet the plane was at times.

The passengers that were able to travel on were put up in hotels for the night.

Air Canada stated the flight was expected to resume on Friday.

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