‘I fear there will be more’: Dozens dead as violent winter storms sweep nation

Americans in every corner of the nation are continuing to witness a stunning and potentially deadly series of violent winter storms this week.

According to reports, the extreme conditions plaguing much of the central and southern U.S. have already led to at least 40 deaths.

Many states impacted

Texas has been at the forefront of such concerns as an unusually severe winter storm surge led to various problems in a state clearly prepared for a much warmer climate.

One of the most common causes of weather-related deaths in the Lone Star State has been the cold itself, which was exacerbated by widespread power outages impacting millions of Texans.

Another troubling trend has been the number of individuals throughout the state who have died or been poisoned by carbon monoxide exposure. Multiple individuals and families have been impacted through the use of cars and other gas-powered devices with the intent of staying warm.

In Texas alone, the death toll is believed to be around 30.

Other states — notably North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee — have also been experiencing uncommonly severe winter conditions that have claimed many lives.

“He froze to death in his living room”

Three individuals in North Carolina, for example, were reportedly killed when a tornado swept through the state. Others have died across the nation from various causes, including falling through the ice.

In Tennessee, a 9-year-old died in a tragic fashion after crashing into a mailbox as the child was being pulled on a sled behind an all-terrain vehicle.

For his part, President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Texas earlier this week.

A White House statement on Sunday explained that the order will provide “federal assistance to supplement state and local response efforts” in the state. He has since approved an emergency order in Oklahoma and additional action could still be forthcoming elsewhere in the U.S.

Josh Casey, who heads up a food charity in Texas, recalled one local death, adding: “I fear there will be more once we thaw out. I found out about this death from my friend who called me to process what he had seen. This was a person who was in a nice house, who probably had a pension, who participated in the American Dream. And he froze to death in his living room.”

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