Almost 2 dozen people shot in Chicago over the weekend

In the wake of two deadly mass shootings over the past two weeks — one in the Atlanta, Georgia area and the other in Boulder, Colorado, Democrats seized the tragedies to make a renewed push to pass what they like to call “common-sense” gun control legislation.

Strangely enough, while Democrats tend to use mass shootings as springboards to shout “gun control” and whip their bases into frenzies, they never talk about where the vast majority of shootings take place. A prime example is the city of Chicago, which logged almost two-dozen shootings in a three-day span from Friday to Sunday, according to Breitbart

Almost two dozen shot

In roughly a 72-hour span of time, Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago counted 22 shooting incidents.

Thankfully, out of those 22 shootings this weekend, only two people succumbed to their injuries. The fatal shooting took place on Saturday night, as a 36-year-old man who was sitting in a van was approached by the alleged shooter, who opened fire, hitting the victim multiple times, killing him.

In another Chicago incident on Friday night, nine people were injured at a house party after two suspects opened fire on the party-goers. One person at the party who was shot was later pronounced dead.

In just over three months, 116 people have died as a result of shooting crimes in the city of Chicago alone, which is a staggering number — but also a number not typically reported given that it’s just a few people here and there instead of one major incident with multiple deaths. In that same time period, a staggering 620 people were shot and injured by gunfire in the Windy City.

While shootings can happen anywhere in America at any time, they’re typically centered around major cities, which nearly all are led by Democrats.

Gun control on the table

While there’s not enough space to cover all of the shootings that have happened this year in Democrat-led cities around the country, the Democratic Party is fully dialed-in on the recent mass shootings as they move to push several gun control measures to the Senate for a vote.

According to Reuters, Democrats passed two major gun control efforts through the House earlier this month, both of which have received public support from President Joe Biden and his administration.

The first measure expands background checks to sales through the internet (which already happens, as internet buyers have to pick up their firearm from a federally-licensed dealer who completes the background check at that time) and will require private firearm sales to have a background check completed on the buyer.

The other measure greatly expands the amount of time that authorities have to complete background checks on buyers, up to 10 days from the original three days. Critics of those measures say that those types of restrictions and changes only serve to hurt law-abiding gun owners and not the criminals who buy guns on the black market.

The bottom line is that while Democrats will exploit every mass shooting that happens in order to push their agenda, they’re continually looking away at the root cause of America’s gun violence problem, which originates in gang-infested, Democrat-run cities around the country.

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