Doug Ericksen, a GOP Washington state senator, dies after positive COVID test

Doug Ericksen, a long-serving Republican Washington state senator, has died at the age of 52, the Washington Examiner reports

The state senator’s death came after he tested positive for COVID-19, though the official cause of death has not yet been made public.


It was Friday that the tragic news was announced by his family after they released a statement on the matter.

“We are heartbroken to share that our husband and father passed away on Friday, Dec. 17,” the family wrote.

“Please keep our family in your prayers, and thank you for continuing to respect our privacy in this extremely difficult time,” they added.

Although Ericksen’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed, it is being widely reported that COVID-19 was likely the culprit. It is known that Ericksen contracted the virus during a recent trip to El Salvador.

He wrote in a message to lawmakers:

I took a trip to El Salvador and tested positive for COVID shortly after I arrived. I cannot get back home, and it’s to the point that I feel it would be beneficial for me to receive an iv of monoclonal antibodies (Regeneron). I have a doctor here who can administer the iv, but the product is not available here.

Do any of you have any ideas on how I could get the monoclonal antibodies sent to me here. Ideally, I would like to get it on a flight tonight so it would be here by tomorrow.

Subsequently, on Dec. 13, Ericksen arranged for a medevac flight to a Florida hospital to receive the treatment.

Fought against mandates

Ericksen was known for taking a stand against what many believe is a tyrannical approach to the COVID-19 pandemic initiated by Democratic leaders across the country, including Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D).

The late senator also frequently attacked Inslee for his handling of the pandemic, even calling upon the governor to resign in an op-ed for The Chronicle as recently as a few months ago.

He also introduced legislation that he designed to protect the rights of the unvaccinated.

It is foolish to argue that Ericksen’s death proves that his and the Republicans’ approach to the COVID-19 pandemic was incorrect, but unfortunately, that is exactly what many Democrats and liberal pundits are now doing.

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